For clients that require just the conversion of kraft into 2 ply, and also for clients that require 2 ply corrugated sheets of specific sizes.


We offer both C and E flutes. Master cartons and other cartons that come on the exterior comes with C flute. Inner cartons and other cartons that holds the product directly comes with E flute. Sizes of the boxes can be customized according to requirements and the specification of the sheets also can be customized such as GSM, BF of the kraft as well as duplex boards to suit the clients need accordingly. Further 4 color or 6 color printing can be done on the duplex boards and made into customized boxes with lamination or other types of coatings as well. For clients requiring printing of single color on kraft (Brown) boxes we do offer flexo printing.


Clients that require a specific style of box, with different openings or designs can be customized via die. These are made exclusively for the clients to accommodate their needs. All above mentioned printing, lamination or coating can be accommodated on these boxes as well.



Depending on the boxes and clients requirement, the boxes can either be stitched or glued for completion. Gluing gives a more premium feel, but compromises on durability, heavy duty boxes that hold large or heavy products cannot be glued. Stitching on the other hand provides a standard feel to the box, can accommodate heavy duty products, the strapping pins can also be given as rust free.

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