8 (4+4) Color printing can be done back-to-back (Front and back) on a paper that is fed via reel or web format; the printed sheet will get cut into a 16 pages booklet which can then be composed to form a book. Applicable for books and magazines..


4 colors or 6 colors printing can be done on paper or duplex boards, the paper is then folded using our folding machines to form a booklet which is then composed to form a book in the binding section. Applicable for books, magazines, calendars, leaflets, book wrappers, and packaging mono-cartons.


The books being printed via Web Offset and Sheetfed are then taken for composing to form a book. The booklets that are printed along with the wrappers of magazines or books are then glued or stitched and then trimmed to form a complete book.


Pharmaceutical boxes, food boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc all require some kind of coating on it to resist fingerprints and other impurities, these coatings are classified into 4 categorizes – Aqua – Water based (Gloss mild) for products requiring high shine, Aqua – Water based (Matte) for products that require minimum shine but maintains a high degree of color intensity, UV – Chemical based (High gloss) for products that require high shine, Food grade coating for products that is used to preserve food items.

For products that require maximum level of gloss or matte finish at the same time requiring resistance against water (to a considerable level) – lamination is done. Lamination is basically a thin sheet of transparent film that comes in a choice of finish namely Glossy and Matte, these are adhered to the printed duplex sheets.

MET PET lamination can also be done on duplex sheets which can later be used for UV printing. MET PET stands for Metalized Polyethylene Terephthalate film, these are metalized sheets that can be adhered to duplex sheets.

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